We will now look at some of the extras and features in the course.

TMBG Instructional Book

There is a book that accompanies the course that is an excellent companion to everything you learn. As you might expect, it provides written out examples of the exercises and theoretical concepts, songs and drills written out in music notation, and much more. Not only can you then practice the material any time and anywhere without needing the DVD handy, but you have a nice reference that you can take with you to brush up or refresh on what you are learning.

A physical copy of the book costs extra, but a digital solution is available 100% free of charge.

There is a PDF document in DVD #5 of Teach Me Bass Guitar that is contains the instructional book with notated exercises, notes, and other material to go along with or compliment the DVDs.  If you want to purchase the printed and bound version of the guide, it will run an extra $40. I like the fact that the option is there to print this yourself without driving the cost of the course up or “requiring” the purchase of the book.


Also included are more than 100 music videos that allow you to play along backed up by top studio professional musicians. This alone is a valuable investment that would normally be a separate cost, which makes me impressed at the amount they included. “Play along” recordings have been popular for a long time, and a quick search on the internet will show you that it is not uncommon to pay for a batch of ten tracks or so.

The songs are played at different tempos and with and without Roy Vogt playing along, so you can either learn at your own pace or jam with a full band when you are ready. We also have to mention that the songs cover a fairly wide range of styles and genres, so there should be a little something for everyone regardless of musical preferences. In addition to helping you be prepared to play in a lot of different styles (should you be interested in playing at all professionally,) there are also a lot of unique skill sets that one develops from different genres even if it is not necessarily their favorite to listen to. One of the interesting things about playing music is that you can often find it is a lot of fun to play, or try to nail down a particular song, in a style you would not think you would normally enjoy listening to. 

This really is quite significant.. play-along recordings are a great tool and usually a separate investment.

Check out this video to see how a line taught in an earlier lesson is put into practice with a live band. You will also see an example of the cool down exercise.

TMBG Features

One of the most helpful features is the “real time fretboard” that allows you to see exactly what notes Vogt is playing. This innovative feature gives you instant visual feedback on fretting patterns and note placements, and clearly shows you what Vogt is doing at all times.

Teach Me Bass Guitar Review - Roy Vogt Bass Screenshot 1

Also included is another innovative feature called the “loop library”. This is a selection of exercises and songs within particular lessons that “loop” or play over and over when you select them. This makes it easy for you to hone in on specific parts without having to wear out the rewind button. This is definitely a helpful feature that all instructional materials would do well to adopt. Many Teach Me Bass Guitar Reviews online praise these video features for making life easier.

Finally, those who already know how to read traditional sheet music will appreciate the visual cues that show you exactly where you are in the piece.

Extras Included

The DVD course also comes with a few extras that greatly add to the value of the course. Among these are supplemental sessions that cover fretless bass and 7-string bass techniques, setting up your bass for optimum comfort, tone and performance, and the use of effects in bass playing. While you may not have to go over this material until you are well-versed with the rest of the course, it is good to know that the additional material is there when you do need it.

Finally, you are also encouraged to send in a video performance of your playing after you have completed Teach Me Bass Guitar. In return, your performance will be graded and critiqued personally. This is also very unusual and impressive for a home course, especially that private lessons with someone of Vogt’s caliber could easily go for $100+ for an hour – making this one of the most valuable things covered in this Teach Me Bass Guitar review.

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