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Looking for a Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon Code? Click the coupon below. If there is a special promotion for the month, there may be an additional teach me bass guitar coupon code to type in at checkout (which will be listed in the coupon, if not, there is currently no additional special running).

*** NOV- DEC 2014 CODE  ***
Click the Image Below, Then:
Use coupon code “WINTER” for a $8.25 off shipping on our DVDs

REALLY Learn Bass Guitar!

If you are wondering whether or not this is the right course for you, please check out our complete Teach Me Bass Guitar Review for the full story. In my opinion, along with many other users, you get far more out of this course than what you pay for it. This Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon should only help make it easier.

If you were to look at the price of similar items separately, if you could even find them, the price would be a lot higher. This is because besides the instruction, there are a lot of features included such as play along tracks, “loop libraries” to practice with, and so on. The review and features / extras page explains a lot more if you are curious, and I also put up a page with some video examples of later lessons, in case anyone is thinking (as I was actually expecting myself) that the course might be a bit beginner-oriented.

I like that they offer some payment plans for this course, because there is no way to purchases DVDs individually, you get all 10 at once. At different times of the year there will be a special teach me bass guitar coupon code that is not listed on the official site and I will make sure to keep you up to date on those through this page.

Much of the time, there is some form of coupon code available. Different promotions have been getting the physical book discounted (normally $40), getting free shipping, or 10% off of the entire course.

When a 10% course promo code is available, that’s a good time to jump on purchasing if you are interested. It is genuinely NOT always available year round .

Also, please note that the coupon only works when buying through the official TMBG site. If you try to purchase through another outlet, it will not be available to you.

It is also likely the case that some of the “extra curricular” perks, such as the ability to have your video critiqued or being part of the community may not be possible if you do not purchase the course new. This makes buying with the coupon code an excellent deal when it is available.

To use the code, click on the graphic above or below this paragraph. You will then be taken to the site where you can get the course at 25% below MFG suggested retail, before the code is even applied.

When you go to the checkout to actually make the purchase, there will be a text box where it asks you to enter a code. There you simply type in the current code as listed above or below here. Make sure you click the button so that it registers. You will be able to see the new dollar amount reflected in your total before you finalize the order, so that you can be assured that everything has gone through properly.

Hopefully you find this useful – thanks for visiting.


*** NOV-DEC 2014 CODE  ***
Click the Image Below, Then:
Use coupon code “WINTER” at $8.25 off shipping on our DVDs

REALLY Learn Bass Guitar!