TMBG Download

For those of you looking to download or even stream the TMBG course, all of Roy Vogt’s lessons and everything the substantial DVD course has to offer, good news has arrived.

After a lot of work, Teach Me Bass Guitar is finally able to be purchased and downloaded digitally. There are a number of benefits and even new options available thanks to this feature. They include:

  • No shipping cost, as there is nothing to ship!
  • Instant delivery. The moment you pay, you can download files directly to your computer.
  • No possibility of damaging or losing a DVD.
  • If something happens to your file or harddrive, you can simply download it again.
  • With the streaming feature, you can literally watch your content on ANY device with internet connection.

Perhaps the most significant difference is that you can now:

Download Teach Me Bass Guitar Lessons Individually

This means you do NOT have to purchase the entire course.

Are you more advanced and not interested in the first few sections? No problem. Just interested in a few particular segments of the course? No problem. Want to spread out purchases and downloads over time, for financial reasons? No problem (note however, that there is a price break by downloading the entire course at once vs. individual lessons.)This is a very valuable addition and I am happy to see it implemented.

All of the content and features are still in tact.

You do not miss out on any content by choosing the digital option of TMBG. All of the features like the digital booklet, the loop library, the “live” band play alongs, and everything else is available. In fact, iti s more easily available, as there is no switching out of DVDs.

These additional elements are what really take this course from a great educational tool, to a true resource for practicing and mastering bass guitar. They make it practical, and enjoyable, to apply and repeat the content that you learn in each lesson in an applicable, musical way.

Teach Me Bass Guitar Reviews - Roy Vogt Screenshot

Individual, Bundle, and Full Course Options

There are three ways you can purchase the course digitally.

  1. Individual Lessons @ $19.95 each. Choose any of the 20 full lessons from the course and download it instantly. A great option if there are particular things you want from the course, or want to spend just a very small amount of money but still have lots of material to learn, practice and develop with. As you may know from the review on our home page, each “lesson” includes far more than just a little bit of teaching.
  2. Bundles of Beginner (Lessons 1-6), Intermediate (7-13) and advanced (14-20). With this option, you get the full segment of the course you feel best fits where you are at, and receive a level of content and material that can last you for months.

    With this option, the price of the lessons ends up being around $15 each.

  1. The Full Course at once, lessons 1-20. When you purchase the entire course at once, there is a significant price break. Under $10 per lesson is what you will pay.

    When you consider everything included in an individual lesson, this is a phenomenal value. There is, at least as far as I am aware of, really nothing out there you can even begin to compare this to.

Downloading vs. Streaming Teach Me Bass Guitar

For those of you unfamiliar with the difference, downloading is when you actually get the video file and have it on your computer. The particular lesson will be on your hard drive, wherever you save it to, and can be opened at anytime on your computer.

Streaming means the content is delivered to you over the internet, as opposed to a file being played on your computer. If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, that is streaming. The file is stored somewhere else, and is streamed to you via the internet so you can watch it.

When you purchase, you get both options.

Note on downloading: while I highly recommend you download all files (more on this in a second,) note that high quality video files take up a lot of space. Downloading the entire course is quite large, and it might be wise to store this on an external hard drive. Feel free to post any questions about this in the comment section below.

The reason I recommend downloading is: streaming depends on your internet connection, the internet connection of the computer where the file is stored, and many other factors. Usually this is no problem, but it’s best to have your own copy. Also, if lots of people begin streaming the course, there may have to be some limitations imposed as this is quite intensive on servers.

Video Demo of Purchasing TMBG

Here you can see in real time, just how quick and easy it is to purchase and get to working with TMBG!

Download Teach Me Bass Guitar + Discounts

Downloading the digital version of this course is a fantastic choice that affords a lot of flexibility with zero hassle.

The only way to get this version is directly through the official TMBG website. There are often special promotions and coupon codes available, which are always featured on the right of this site (yes, right where you are! You may need to scroll up to see it).

We hope that this new option helps you get started on the journey to mastering bass guitar, or just having fun playing at whatever level you desire.