The Teach Me Bass Guitar program is epic and an instant classic that entered the marketplace in 2009. That was an interesting period of time, only a few short years ago, when DVDs were still fairly common.

If you have long-ago tossed your Teach Me Bass Guitar DVDs, but have a renewed interest in learning bass guitar, then you have an expensive decision. Should you buy the program again? Well, finding a Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon online would help.

Periodically there are sales announced on the TMBG site. If you are dedicated to buying Roy Vogt’s program again, then set up a Google alert that lets you know when there is a Teach Me Bass Guitar coupon on the program.

Background Music History

bass8Roy Vogt is one of the best teachers you could have for bass guitar. Not only is he a long-accomplished bass guitarist, but he has an equally long career teaching the instrument at the college level. As his site states, the TMBG class itself is like getting $4,000 in professional private lessons for approximately $200, depending upon if you have the Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon or not.

He can play upright or bass guitar, and basically has played every genre of music professionally, at the top of their respective fields. He earned the first Master’s in Bass Guitar from University of Miami music school in 1980.

In 1983 he started teaching at Belmont University in Tennessee. It is a unique music program that trains its students to work at the top of their game in the music business. Some of his protege’s have recorded and toured with the following artists: Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, and Blood Sweat and Tears.

How Will You Get Your Copy?

There are three basic ways to get copies of the class work. The first was the old standby — DVDs. The 10-DVD set is still available, though you may now also stream online, or download the program.

It depends upon how stable your Internet connection is, and whether you envision having a DVD player in the future or not. Streaming is great if you plan on getting a new computer. No worries about losing the information. Once you pay, you have access.

Frightened About Music?

Anyone literate in music may take for granted their ability to read music, and understand the notations. For the musically inclined who are interested in learning, but do not know how to read music, taking up an instrument in earnest is terrifying.

Fear of being found out, of wanting to hide, and of being seen as “less than” come to the forefront, and steal their joy and ability to perform. Fortunately, Roy Vogt nips that in the bud. He covers music literacy clearly, in a way you can understand, in addition to getting you straight on playing bass guitar.

How The Program Works

dvd-graphic-1Vogt divides up the lessons into segments. In addition to the DVDs, you will receive a
162-page PDF eBook, the well-known %u201Cloop library%u201D, more than 100 jam tracks, and access to the online community.

Be sure to read the online reviews, because they are phenomenal. People glow because they learned bass from instructor Roy Vogt by purchasing this program, watching it, and practicing.

Overall, Vogt is a clear communicator, and that’s part of what makes him an excellent teacher. He takes the time to break down everything into components.

The on-screen fret boards and music nomenclature up on screen assist the visual learner. It helps those who are new to music and the bass guitar to translate what they are hearing into a working understanding.

The jam along track collection and the loop library work together to hone and develop a particular set of skills useful for bassists. The jam along tracks allows you to learn improvisation at your own pace. If you feel you need more practice, you can play it all over again, and keep going.

The same is true for the loop library. It gives you a chance to truly listen to a looped segment. Analyzing music note by note helps wrap your head around what Vogt is saying.

Another aspect of the loop is particularly imperative for serious musicians. Once you complete a lesson, you can work on what you have learned in the loop library. It allows you the chance to master the listening, but more importantly, master the playing.

You practice the loop

You practice the loop until you learn it. Only then is it recommended that you move onto the next lesson.

Remember those happy customer reviews we mentioned earlier? Well, those same happy customers may become your new best buds on the Teach Me Bass Guitar online community. It is very active, and allows you full support for each lesson, if you need it.

The TMBG forum is alive and abuzz with bassists of all levels pitching in to talk to one another, and help one another out. It is a true community. Even Roy Vogt stops by and gets involved with the online community periodically. He is a uniquely approachable and takes his commitment to his virtual students just as seriously as his kids at Belmont.

Roy Vogt is a very special teacher and particularly talented and accomplished professional bassist. His ability to teach his instrument is your gain. For a couple hundred dollars — whether you have the coupon or not — it is definitely worth it.